Cover Story

Deep Blue Sky's community project is this month's .net Magazine cover gift!

We're massively excited to announce that - our HTML5 and CSS3 browser support website has been reproduced in full glossy print as the cover gift for this month's .net Magazine.

Modernizr 1.6

We've also been tirelessly updating over recent weeks and the first of these updates is now live - Modernizr 1.6.  That means we've added:

  • Text-Shadow
  • Touch Support
  • Inline SVG
  • Web GL
  • Flex Box

.. to our browse support tests.

Modernizr - Extra Tests

We're also toying with adding some of the additional test that Paul's added to the Modernizr wiki so you should see a few more tests arriving over the coming weeks.  If there are any you'd particularly like to see cast your vote in the comments.


Possibly even more exciting for those of you on the techie side of the web developement is the 'alpha' addition of has.js.  Think of has.js as a bit like Modernizr but adding test for things like native bind(), native object and array manipulation and a load of tests for common bugs.  (Thanks to badassjs for spotting this)

We're showing the has.js test suite of test on the front page of from today so you can run these tests for yourself by visiting the site here and we'll be releasing a full litmus page as soon as we're comfortable with the accuracy of our results. 

Grab yourself a poster!

So if you'd like the full spread of latest HTML5 & CSS3 test results to stick up on your wall then all you need to do is get down to your local newsagent and grab yourselves a copy of this month's .net magazine or, if you're not in the UK why not grab a copy on-line?

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