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Save time and money by automating your key business processes.

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Streamline your services and boost staff morale by automating monotonous admin tasks.

Our Spirit Framework is built to make busines-as-usual a breeze. Time-consuming tasks like report production, data validation and risk assessment can all be managed by the system.

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Business Process Automation

Innovative infrastructure with the power to drive growth.

  • Workforce management

    Boost team productivity by automating scheduling, communications and admin tasks in a central system.

  • Process automation

    Replace intense manual processes with automated solutions that reduce waste and control output quality.

  • Document management 

    Create, share and update documents in one central system. Automate the production of labour-intensive documentation like quotes, specifications and itineraries. 

  • Data management

    Transform multiple offline spreadsheets into a single, centralised solution that uses powerful algorithms to quickly present valuable business insight.

  • User management

    Create users, manage leads and boost sales through a single-customer view CRM.

  • Security and access

    Strict access controls, automatic auditing and detailed user logs ensure safe and instant access for distributed teams.

  • Risk management

    Identify, track and implement mitigation steps for key business risks at all stages of your business pipeline. 

  • Dashboard and analytics

    Paper based reports are a thing of the past. Visualise KPI data and management metrics through business intelligence dashboards tailored to your user roles and permissions.

  • Reporting

    Instantly generate business data reports that provide detailed insight into your operational efficiency that people engage with. 

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