Simplify your online sales and increase customer engagement.

Deliver an enhanced shopping experience.

Over 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned every day. Enable your customers to make fast and simple purchases through a dedicated online store. 


Ecommerce components

  • Product manager

    Manage your full inventory online. Maintain variable products and curate custom collections through a single interface. 

  • Product customiser

    Manage and visualise product customisation in-page. Allow users to add their name or upload a logo to personalise their order. 

  • Online store

    Showcase your products on an accessible and responsive online store. Create, publish and distribute store and site content in-page. 

  • Secure checkout

    Spirit integrates with Stripe to provide a secure checkout process. Customers can pay instantly, without being redirected to complete the transaction.

  • Discounts and vouchers

    Everyone loves a good sale! Manage discounts store-wide or against specific products and choose your discount type, that could be money off, a percentage off or free shipping.

  • Dashboards and reporting

    Keep track of your growth and make informed decision from the store dashboard. Review income, revenue, stock levels and order processing times online and download reports to share.

  • Shipping and tax calculator

    Log shipping types, courier rates and tax bands for products in your central system. Then let it do the hard work of calculating individual shipping costs for you.

  • CRM

    Store customer details, orders and history in your integrated CRM. Discover top buyers and segment your customers to optimise your email and product campaigns.

  • Email management

    Manage triggered, direct and automated email campaigns in-page. Automatically distribute content to custom contact lists built in your CRM.

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