Platforms and portals

Transform your customer experience and boost engagement with a bespoke digital platform.

Stay connected. 

Getting the right information to the right people, at the right time can be extremely difficult. Especially, if the tools available aren't fit for purpose.

With a bespoke Spirit system, that doesn't have to be the case. You can create and manage large online communities with the click of a button. Teams can schedule automated reports, post updates and share documents or ideas through a single platform. 


Platform components.

  • User management

    Create users, manage leads, trial accounts and boost sales through a single-customer view CRM.

  • Security and access

    Strict access controls, automatic auditing and detailed user logs ensure safe and instant access for distributed teams.

  • Subscription management

    Provide high quality, premium content through a flexible subscription system that includes membership types and payment models.

  • Scalable data systems

    Take control of a data driven solution that makes short work of database management and provides your users with access to personalised information and experiences in seconds. 

  • Document management

    Create, share and update documents with defined user groups in one central system. You can automate the production of labour-intensive documentation like guides, service details and user communications.  

  • Content creation

    Content managers can quickly create, edit and publish website content directly in-page or through a standard CMS interface to provide total flexibility and ease of access.

  • Third party integrations 

    Choose a platform that seamlessly integrates with hundreds of standard applications and software including Vimeo, Adobe PDF, PayPal, Xero and Microsoft Office.

  • Community forums

    Create mobile-friendly social networks for business or private use. Manage user sign-up, group and network creation to complex taxonomy management. 

  • Dashboard and analytics

    Access real-time KPI visuals and metrics dashboards online. Tailor your dashboards to your user roles and permissions.

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