We create digital products
to improve people's lives.

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Build amazing things, change the world.

A better approach to work, to life...
and social impact.

We are a small team of digital engineers and strategic thinkers. Our ethos is based on years of experience using, creating and believing in amazing digital technology.

After two decades accelerating the fortunes of scores of other businesses, we are turning our focus to our own platforms.

We are building a company with a flexible approach to work and which balances office life with family life. It provides us the freedom to build awesome digital products, pool ideas and incubate the dreams we believe to be worthwhile.

We also continue to collaborate with selected clients where we believe we can help to maximise their social impact.

David Daniels

Deep Blue Sky's expertise was essential in guiding us through our first steps into the digital space and their ongoing development of the SMILE system is integral to the rapid growth of our fund management practice.

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David Daniels

Commission us to build your dreams...

We occasionally accept commissions from people in whom we believe.

Incubating Start-Ups

We love great ideas so we work with a few start-ups to realise their vision.

Our step-by-step approach is ideal for start-ups because it provides the flexibility new companies need. They get the benefit of our experience and access to a whole digital team for an affordable monthly investment.

Growing Charities & SMEs

Many of our clients are charities or SMEs with a focus on positive social impact.

We work together to develop software that makes organisations more efficient. We increase their impact, and financial efficiency by improving customer experience, reducing their overheads and streamlining day-to-day operations.

Government & Enterprise

Our rapid prototyping of great ideas can change the course of big organisations.

Over the years we've helped many large organisations modernise their processes.

Today we are helping governments across Europe improve the way they manage their finances and supply chains.

3 steps to ensure your company survives

Our three-step process - Understanding, planning and execution 

1. Digital Benchmark

Evaluate the readiness of your business to survive the next 5 years with our insightful digital benchmark report. 

Invest 30 minutes in speaking with one of our experts and receive a detailed, 10-page board-ready report explaining the steps you need to take to ensure your survival.

2. Digital Roadmap

Plan a clear and objective 3-5 year roadmap that will align your whole company with the vital transformation you need to make.

Our one-day workshop will uncover the core values and risks in your company. You will get a rational and prioritised plan for your company's future.

3. Digital Transformation

Start making steady, measurable and meaningful progress towards your company's digital future, today.

Our software developers will integrate your existing tools and replace your paper processes and our planning team are always on hand to help you implement the changes and plan the next step.

Streamlining international development funding

Improving the impact and outcomes of international aid with fast, rational and accessible tools.

Our Mission

We are building the most trusted engine for digital transformation in the South West. 

Our tool for improving your business.

The Spirit Framework is the culmination of 20 years experience working with companies of all sizes. We use Spirit to bring their internal workflow online and improve the way they communicate with their customers.

Whatever challenges you face it's likely that we have helped someone like you in the past.

  • Love your customers, better.

    We help you give every customer personal attention.

    You get a better, longer relationship with every customer and more referrals.

  • No more spreadsheets.

    We turn manual processes into online software. 

    You get a faster and more effective foundation for automation.

  • Do more with the team you have.

    We make you team's lives easier.

    You get a more efficient, more engaged team who contribute to making the whole company more effective every day.

  • Spend less money on mistakes.

    We remove the cost and waste of re-work.

    You get better margins on everything you do by reducing the constant cost of making small mistakes.

  • Manage your current tools.

    We integrate all the tools you have.

    You get to make the most of the tools you pay for and remove the ones you don't need.

Our typical projects include...

  • Marketing Automation

    We help you automate your marketing steps so you can communicate better with more customers for less effort. 

  • Automated Workflow

    We visualise, organise and automate your core workflows so that you become more efficient and effective.

  • Software Integration

    We bring all of your other software together, saving time and money and making more of what you have.

  • Centralised Stats Dashboards

    We bring all of our data together into one place so that you can understand how your company really performs.

  • Document Management

    We help you collate and manage your documents and make sense of tools like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

  • Security and Compliance

    We build software to meet payments industry, government digital services or ISO compliance and security standards.

Start your Digital Benchmark

Evaluate the readiness of your business to survive the next 5 years with our ​insightful digital benchmark report.