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Our free Digital Strategy starter kit.

No company can survive without a robust digital strategy.

Get a comprehensive digital strategy report, personalised to reflect how ready your business is for digital transformation.

Your report will cover;

  • Digital Disruption
  • Workflow Automation
  • Customer Engagement
  • Working Practices
  • Emerging Technology

Start your digital strategy with our free starter kit and ensure your success in the digital economy.

Build a strategy in minutes ➜

What should your Digital Strategy address?

  • Digital Distruption

    Is your company modernising fast enough to avoid being disrupted by a competitor who thinks differently about your market?

  • Workflow Automation

    How much time is wasted by processes which should be digitally automated?  Do your manual processes increase your ongoing commercial risk?

  • Customer Engagement

    Today's customers have very different expectations about how they engage with you.  Are you losing customers through out-dated customer flows?

  • Modern Working Practices

    Your staff's expectations of their work environment are shifting too.  Are you at risk of losing staff to more appealing competitors?

  • Emerging Technology

    Technology like AI, Robotics, VR and Blockchain are changing the landscape rapidly.  Are you embracing or ignoring this inevitable transformation?

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Who are Deep Blue Sky?

We have 20 years experience in defining digital strategies and building robust, future-proofed software for start-ups, SMEs, enterprise and governments.  

Today, our business systems power some of the country's leading companies, helping them to grow year-on-year in a rational, strategic way.

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We are building the most trusted engine for digital transformation in the South West.

Jim Morrison - CEO

Jim Morrison, CEO

Revolutionising a century old business with advanced technology.

A bespoke system and iPad app built to improve business processes and cut admin time in half.