Upcoming event: The Art of Listening - A Guide to Social Media Monitoring

On the last Thursday of each month Deep Blue Sky hosts the Bath Marketing Network at the Bath and County Club. This month, we will be joined by Roger Jones from Actionable Insight

Upcoming event: The Art of Listening - A Guide to Social Media Monitoring



When someone talks about your brand online, do you know who they are? Or what they are saying, with what sentiment? Do you know which websites or social networks they are on? And most importantly do you know when and how you’d like to get involved in the conversation?

Come along to The Art of Listening: A Guide a Social Media Monitoring to understand what is being said about your brand, the key contexts of conversation, identify key opinion leaders and how to use the real-time information to drive insight and audience segmentation.

Our speaker for the evening is Roger Jones from Actionable Insight, an experienced thought leadership speaker who will share his expertise and help you discover how social media monitoring tools work, in what ways real-time data can be presented in a usable form, which business departments can use the information and in what way, how audience segmentation can be improved and what insight can be gained to improve marketing effectiveness.

You can grab tickets for the event here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-art-of-listening-a-guide-to-social-media-monitoring-tickets-25017409746 

See you there!

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