What is Spirit?

Our bespoke development platform

Put simply, Spirit is our technology platform.We tend to refer to it as our 'LEGO bricks' because ultimately it is a collection of small components that we use to build business systems for our clients. 

More than a CMS 

An integrated platform 

Spirit is an extensible framework that includes, among many things, a built-in in-page editor and CMS.  Whether you’re looking to update page content, automate email marketing or collaborate with colleagues, with Spirit you have straightforward and manageable access to all of your data on one central platform. Spirit enables users to take an holistic approach to their business activities and update a single list for marketing, sales and account development. 

A Digital Workspace 

Futureproof and scalable

At Deep Blue Sky we know that one size never fits all. So we’ve built Spirit over the course of 15 years to deliver target results specific to our clients.

We’re fascinated by the expanding digital workplace and have built Spirit to optimise interactions between departments to save time, money and boost productivity. 

Spirit makes communication and data transfer between departments quick and simple by reducing repetitive tasks and automating complex processes. 

What can you build with Spirit?

Everything is possible

Our digital systems remove manual steps in your business process. We take away the need for paper or excel based administration and integrate your existing digital tools to provide a connected digital workspace or CRM.

The components within Spirit allow users to set up workflows to manage their customers, manage a digital CRM, automate email management, subscription management and much more. You can find more information on the platforms we build here

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