Revolutionising a century old business with advanced technology.

A bespoke system and iPad app built to improve business processes and cut admin time in half.

Revolutionising a century old business with advanced technology.


The client.

Langley Waterproofing is a leading provider of commercial roofing and waterproofing systems, working with public and private sector clients in social housing, education and healthcare.

The challenge.

We have been working with Langley on a continuous improvement cycle since 2006, to uncover operational inefficiencies that can be eliminated by the transition to a digital business system and integrated field-team iPad app.

The project.

Historically, Langley’s service team spent up to 12 hours completing and peer-reviewing complex reports and communicating with dispersed teams to build detailed specifications for their clients. We continually help them to reduce admin time, increase productivity and boost growth by analysing their offline processes and transferring them to their bespoke digital solution. The integrated business system and iPad app allow Langley to offer their clients the same extraordinary level of service but in a fraction of the time. 

Getting stuck in.

At Deep Blue Sky, we don't work in silos or keep our developers at arms length and we never outsource. We know that maximum involvement leads to maximum engagement and ultimately produces the best results. So, Developers, designers and project managers alike - get out onto the roof, spend time with the real people who use our platforms and we learn from them directly how they want to work more effectively.

Digital transformation.

Our unique digital framework, Spirit, allows us to build systems to be universally within the business. The simple navigation structure and information architecture to allow multiple audiences with differing needs to access the information they required quickly and easily.

The result is a technically robust and highly professional online ERP platform and integrated app which has cut admin time in half.

Key features.

Workflow management.

The Spirit digital workflow links each step in the operational pipeline. It allows teams to collaborate quickly and effectively. Everything from the initial survey data, client communication, automatic document production and billing is seamlessly managed for hundreds of projects per month.

Document production.

From a series of twenty questions Spirit drafts highly complex, accurate and detailed specifications in minutes. The specifications can be entirely customised by teams before being efficiently peer-reviewed and delivered to the client.

Document management.

Spirit is the central repository information on thousands of project records. It gives users comprehensive document change-control and stores all correspondence and geo-tagged photographs for the full lifecycle of the project. 

Centralised CRM.

The Spirit CRM, designed to aid a highly active and dispersed sales team, centralises the management and tracking of leads and projects as they flow through a complex, often 18 month, multi-party sales cycle.

Enterprise iPad app.

The iPad app is a safe, quick and effective tool for teams conducting on-site roof surveys or contractor inspections, with our without internet access. The app synchronises photos, geodata and metadata to the business system as soon as a connection becomes available. 

Everything is possible. 

Langley have gone from strength to strength to become the major UK roofing systems supplier, no longer held back by the constraints of location or overwhelmed by paperwork. They are a connected organisation working seamlessly across the UK.

If you’d like to know more, or if this is the kind of project you’d like to get involved with please get in touch.  

It is clear to me that the growth that Langley has enjoyed over the past few years had been facilitated, if not fuelled by the operational efficiencies that our Spirit system provides. As we grow you continue to drive innovation not just within the platform itself but in our commercial processes too. All of which makes our trust in you to continue to deliver and support us all the more rewarding.

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Challenge us.

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