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Breaking the echo chamber. OneSub realigns news around story, diversity & truth.

Democracy is breaking ...

The way we consume news is breaking democracy. 

The incentive that drives both newspapers and news aggregation services skews everything.

Their need to generate advert impressions skews the way the news is written and what we even get to see. 

Trust in the news is fundamental to maintaining a healthy and free society.  

... OneSub is the fix.

OneSub allows you to be self-aware.

It show you news from hundreds of sources and explains the bias in the material as you read.

Our focus is on providing balance, helping you to broadening your perspective of the world.

Your subscription provides a reliable revenue stream for journalists and newspapers.

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Forever changing the way we consume news.

Deep Blue Sky has built a natural language processing AI to read and understand the evolving bias of the UK's mainstream newspapers.

By understanding every story as it breaks, we're able to offer every reader a broad opinion, with no echo chamber.

OneSub is in early beta - if you would like to help build the future of news get involved today.

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Everything is possible.

OneSub is one of Deep Blue Sky's incubation projects.  If you have a project idea that you would like to explore, get in touch with us today.

Jim Morrison - CEO

OneSub is here to shatter the echo chamber and rebuild the public's faith in true news.

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Jim Morrison